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Guide to...Getting featured in Yumbles marketing




You've been hand-picked to list on Yumbles because we believe your produce is amazing and we want to champion your business.

Listing on Yumbles you're automatically benefiting from our search marketing and receiving great onsite visibility to our thousands of engaged site visitors day in day out. Not to mention also appearing in our Trade Directory.

You will also at launch benefit from a range of promotional activity we provide all new sellers with - featuring in the popular New category, some products featured on our homepage, social media posts, and inclusion in email marketing. 

After the initial launch period you could also be featured in all manner of other activities that we do to promote our amazing producers and their products - from social media to PR to our online advertising campaigns to our email marketing and more.

We automatically consider all of our makers in our marketing campaigns based on relevance to the campaigns themes plus other factors in your control. 

Here's how to help us help you:


1. Give great customer service

Ship orders on time, every time and respond to customer messages quickly.  We ask this of all our sellers but we particularly check this before deciding to feature you in extra marketing.  


2. Have great product images

Most marketing is highly visual and so we can't feature you in marketing activities like our email newsletter or on the Yumbles homepage or include you in paid advertising campaigns unless your product images are top notch.

Check out our guide to product images.

Also, for PR and advertising purposes, must haves:

  • we need your images in high resolution (300 dpi)
  • we need large images (minimum 1200 x 1200 pixels)
  • we need both lifestyle and white background (cutout) images


3. Confirm the Values for all products

Values are important structured data that may describe your products spanning information such as special diets, relevance to key lifestyles, health and ingredients as well as social and environmental factors.  Values are the cornerstone of Yumbles powering everything from categories and filters on the site, to being displayed on product pages to also being used to find and select relevant products for marketing.

Therefore make sure you have completed the Values that you will find as a tab within each of your product listings.  If many Values are common to your products you can add them to all using the global Values page.


4. List your seasonal items early

We plan our marketing programs a good 2-3 months ahead of time - check out our calendar here.  Help us consider your new products for our key seasonal campaigns by listing them in the Seller Portal as early as you can - weeks before the seasonal event not days.  

If you're not ready to sell, or don't have everything finalised yet such as product images, you can set the product listing status to either Hidden or Disabled so that they're not public until you're ready but at least we will know about them.


5. Keep us informed

If you're about to appear on TV or have won some major awards or perhaps have a new product line or even a major celebrity endorsement - let us know your key news as early as you can and we will do as much as we can with it to promote your Yumbles shop.


6. Exclusive products

We love exciting exclusive products here at Yumbles, the truly hidden gems we can really shout about.  If you'd like to offer a product exclusively on the Yumbles marketplace for a period of time let us know and we'll see what we can do marketing wise for you.


7. Promotions

If you'd like to offer a promotion to Yumbles customers use the Promotions tool and we will automatically know about it and do what we can to shout about it, depending on the nature of the promotion.  You can also opt into Yumbles planned major promotions. See our Promotions guide.


8. Make sure your USP/ your brand story is clear

Our last point is probably our most important of all.  If your seller profile page, and your product listings, don't make it really clear what is special about what you do and your produce then make sure they do.   Not only so that customers will want to order from you, but also because we use this information about you in our marketing.  

Make sure we know your unique brand story so that we can do a better job of shouting about you.  For advice on building a strong brand story see here.

(Note: for updates to your Seller Profile page just contact us, we do it for you).



Want to get some guaranteed extra exposure when you need it?

If you'd like to invest in some increased exposure at any particular time then take a look at some add-on marketing options we now offer - Featured Products and our multi-channel Marketing Packages (coming soon).




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