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Your Yumbles Shop Health Check


On Yumbles your brand and products get put in front of thousands of relevant customers every single week.  We also offer plenty of additional marketing opportunties throughout the year to help boost your exposure (see here).

However, if your Yumbles "shop" is not in good shape then despite all this great exposure, you could be significantly limiting your sales.

Below we list the most impactful factors in your Yumbles shop, that help determine your success in terms of converting that exposure into sales.  To understand how these factors influence conversion to sales, take a look at this article here.

We recommend periodically reviewing these factors and also generally reviewing other "similar" products in your categories to see what buyers are comparing your products to.



  • Product photography.  Without good photos online buyers will simply not take a closer look never mind add to basket and buy.   We also can't feature products in marketing without good photos.   Is your main product image appealing and catch the eye? Is it clear what the product is from the main image alone? Does the product shown in the main image match the name of the product and what they are looking for?   If not, a very low % will look any further at your product.   Then once they check your product details page can they see more photos of the product to get a fuller picture including packaging and all variants?  See our advice on photography.


  • Product Listing Titles. Is it clear from the title of your listings what is being sold? Does it match what the customer is looking for? Does it sound special?  Does it contain the most important keywords - see more on this point below.


  • Keywords.  Search results, both on Yumbles and in our Google shopping feed, are reliant on the presence of keywords in your listings.  Keywords are the terms that people search with to see products like yours e.g. "Keto snacks" or "Organic Chocolate Bars".    Generally for your products always identify around 5 or more keywords that are most relevant for your product to optimise for.  Specific keywords is good e.g. "paleo bread" rather than "bread".   Most importantly - your product listing titles must have the primary keyword you are targeting for that product.   Then make sure the rest of your listing has the other important keywords in both the description and tags. 


  • Price. Does it match the customers expectations and also seem reasonable from what appears to be being sold?  For this last aspect - if you are selling an item in quantity make sure from the listing name (and then also description) that is clear the quantity that they get for that price otherwise it may look like a very expensive unit price and immediately deter a closer look.


  • Complete (but succinct) and well written descriptionsFrom your product listing descriptions is it clear to buyers what they would be getting? And why your product is special? Are all their likely questions answered like shelf life if it is perishable, and product weight?  Note - while you want to give all the key info buyers also don't want to read long descriptions (more than 60% of buyers are shopping on a small mobile screen!) so keep it succinct and if there is a lot of information to convey use bullet points, paragraphs and bolding to organise the content in an way that is easy to read.


  • Options are clear (and all there!). If your product has choices for the buyer to make like perhaps the size of the box, or flavour choices, then you want to make sure you have created the options for every choice, and that they are clearly labelled. Always use PREVIEW to make sure it is super clear.


  • Shipping options and timescalesOn Yumbles we clearly communicate your delivery timescales to buyers on the product details page.  If your timescales are too long/ or past the date the customer needs them then obviously they aren't going to proceed.  Online buyers do increasingly expect fast delivery of between 2 to 3 days, and often for gifting next day delivery and/ or the ability to choose a guaranteed delivery date is relied on as an option.   A key thing to watch out for is when it comes to major events like Christmas and Easter, just be sure your timescales show where possible that you CAN deliver in time for the event at least for all the peak days of the campaign.  The peak days of the gifting campaigns are probably later than you'd think  - see here for more info.  Remember - you control your delivery timescales from your settings here.


  • Shipping ChargesWe consistently find that online buyers are happy to pay for premium product but not for shipping. Call it the  Amazon Prime effect.     Consistently a charge of £5 or more sees significant drop off at checkout.  For certain items even a lower charge of £4 can be notably prohibitive.  Of course, the costs you incur to ship need to be covered.  We recommend considering this cost as just another cost of sale and seeing where to allocate that cost, possibly some into your product pricing to offset the charges shown at checkout.


  • Values.  On Yumbles the Values specified in your listings are a list of product attributes. They serve several important uses on Yumbles but a key one includes the fact that they power filters for buyers so if you haven't selected relevant values for your products then they won't be appearing in all relevant search results.


  • Reviews. Such an important factor in the online buying decision process.  If you don't yet have Yumbles reviews then get in touch with us if you have external reviews on other platforms - we will import some for you.


  • Product Availability. An obvious one but often forgotten as admin!  We regularly see products unavailable during key periods when they could be selling well.   Are all your products listed available to buy?  Keep an eye on your product quantity levels - once they reach 0 your product will show as Out of Stock and be pushed to the very back of all category pages and search results.  Also, if you list seasonal items late you're obviously missing out on exposure when buyers are looking for items like yours PLUS we're unlikely to include them in any extra marketing that we plan some weeks ahead.   Keep an eye out for the listing deadlines for seasonal items in the marketing calendar.


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