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Black Friday 2023 campaign

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As Black Friday is the biggest promotion of the year, it's  a great opportunity to get your brand and products in front of a large, receptive audience with high buying intent.

Opt in by Friday 10th November!

This year we have 3 distinct ways you can participate - choose any combination that works best for you.


1. Black Friday Weekend

The main event is from Friday 24th to Monday 27th November, inclusive.

During this period the Yumbles homepage, the dedicated Black Friday section and all prominent placements across the site will be devoted to featuring all the offers. The strongest offers will be featured in our multi-channel marketing campaign.

As always with our promotions, you choose the % discount and which products you want included. 




2. Pre-Black Friday Offers

To build momentum from Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd November we will be spotlighting makers and their early offers - both across the site and in our marketing.

You can run slightly lower discounts on your range than the Black Friday weekend; or run discounts on different products; or just start your Black Friday offers earlier and run across both periods. You decide.




3. Free Samples with Every Order

Free samples can also be a compelling incentive to offer.

If you'd like to offer free samples with every order you get during either Black Friday period, let us know and we will set-up the promotion on your Yumbles shop so it's communicated clearly to customers.

We will also pick the best free sample offers to feature in our marketing.




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