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Returns & refund policy

The Yumbles refunds & returns policy highlights that buyers have 14 days from the date of their order to notify the seller if they are not happy for any reason (refund period).

As the seller it is at your discretion whether you accept refunds/ returns for your items.  We highlight in the refund policy that perishable items and items made to order are not returnable (and this is supported by the law) however it does remain at your discretion.


When to replace (or refund)

We strongly recommend in the interests of excellent customer service that you arrange for a fast replacement (or if necessary agree to a refund) for orders that are:

  • Lost (unless any tracking method that you may have used for shipping proves the items were delivered)
  • Damaged or Not fit for consumption
  • Not as described
  • Not what the customer ordered
  • Not dispatched on time to achieve reasonable delivery timescales (unless you had let the customer know in advance that the order would be late).

See further guidance on handling these issues in our Customer Complaints guide.



It is at your discretion whether you require the buyer to send you the items as a return before agreeing to a replacement or refund.  

We advise in the Return & Refunds policy that that the customer bears the cost of a return, however depending on the circumstances you may wish to offer to cover that cost.  To do that we recommend that you send a returns label to them.  



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